US Mipi Hna Anpu Nganbik Joe Biden Cu Thluak Lei Dam Lonak A Ngei Tiah An Zumh Cang E

Kan Pu Biden cu thuak lei dam lonak a ngei kho tiah a zumtu Republican congress man minung 14 nih a doctor sin ah cognitive test tuah ding in an fial.

Super power ram pakhat i President le ralbawizik a simi nih thluak lei in a fit le fit lo a result mipi nih kan theih a herh tiah an chim. US nih a ngeihmi nuclear hriamnam code numbers cu President lawng nih a hngalhmi a si caah Russia asiloah Tuluk he laakhruak kahnak chuak sehlaw nuclear code Numbers a philh sual ahcun US kan himnak kan iveng manh sual lai lo ti hi an phan ruangah atu bantuk in kan pu thuak riantuan ning test an dihnak cu a si.

May be an image of 2 people and text that says "出 TH TeHO> ITE NGTON The American people should absolute confidence she Head mental cognitive Immediately tellectual health BREAKING beir President. They deserve know that Chief, on elected1 then publish their President, and results, American people know example oa Presidents follow SE News > US News JOE BRAIN TEST Biden urged to take a cognitive TEST to prove he's 'mentally fit' to be president by ex-White House doc and 13 GOP Reps Jack Williams"

Kan Pu Biden A Chuahsual Hoi: Kan Pu Biden cu Russia President Putin he Switzerland ram Geneva khua i, the Luxury La Villa Grange timi hmun ah suimilam 5 tluk meting an tuah. Meting dih hnu ah Russia President he Joint Press Conference tuah ding a si nain kan Pu Biden nih a ngamh lo caah a dang veve in Press Conference an tuah.

Kan Pu Biden cu biachim ipalh sual le biachim ding philh sual lai phan ah amah te lawng Press Conference cu a tuah i, a thlan hrinpi in an paih caah a angki leng a poih ti si. Russia President Putin ti dingmi ah President Trump a ti hoi caah thawnglatu pawl ar ko in a tuah hna aa theih le cang ka, a vun remh than ti a si. Putin he an i ton lio ah hin a thli tein ca a fir i a thli tein a bih hnu ah a biachim a peh than lengmang ti a si.

Pu Biden cu Russia President Putin he an iton hlan ah faak ngai in an hrocer. US cyber attack an kan tuah lengmang mi hi Russia cozah nih a hnulei in an bawmh hna caah a si lai tiah an zumh. US thil cangmi tam deuh paoh cu democrats hruaitu han nih cun Russia an puh pah peng hna.

May be an image of 5 people and text

US ram gas vialte supply tam bik a tuahtu Colonial Pipeline an control nak cu Russia hackers pawl nih an hack caah US nichuah lei state tampi cu zarh hnih chung dengmang gas a rat khawh lo caah harnak faak ngai kan tong. Colonial Pipeline company nih hackers pawl cu 10 millions an pek hna hnu an control nak system cu restore an tuah khawh than.

Mah hnu ah US ram i sa kan eimi a tam bik supply a tuahtu JBS cu Russia hacker pawl nih an control nak an hack than caah nikhat chung an seh vialte cawl kho lo in an tuah than hna. Asinain backup an i chiahmi system nih a run khawh than caah harnak kan tong lo.

US ramchung ah hin pakhan khengzung rak ti tawnmi, (UFO Unidentified Fly Objects) pawl hi hlan nak in atu ah an kharh chin lengmang ti a si. Mah zong hi Russia le China nih US ralkap pawl cawlcanghning vialte a tlite in a ngiatu an lai tiah an zumh caah kan pu Biden nih Russia President cu faak nawn in va hro a tim. An i ton tatak lio ah hin a chim a philh sual hnga dek maw? ramdang hmai ahcun kan pu ruangah kan mithmai a bi ngaingai ko.

Credit: Salai Lairamthang

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